José Luis Ferraro represents the essence of the milonga. A unique style, characterized by the elegance in his walk and embrace and an impeccable musicality, allows him to stand out on a dance where the love for the Tango is an essential element.

He started dancing in 1996 with the great milonguera Elvira 'Pocha' Vargas and he was surrounded by the best milongueros of Buenos Aires, from those whom he learned that the Tango transcends the dance, because it is a way of life, an emotion that accompanies him every day and that allows him to see the world with different eyes.

Rika Fukuda started dancing Tango in 1999 and she has managed to make a perfect blend between this particular dance and the Japanese culture.

For 15 years she successfully ran her own Tango academy in Japan, where she was able to pass on to her students the essence of this dance and inspired them, thanks to her love for Tango.